Let’s talk about leg waxing. 


You will notice throughout this video we are working on both legs simultaneously. On the front legs, we apply strips to the sides first then finish in the center. This mapping pattern creates a little overlap, which ensures no patches of hair get left behind. 

Utilizing a familiar mapping pattern allows us to place focused attention on precise application. Accurate technique provides better hair removal results and takes away the need for multiple application strips. Naturally, fewer application strips reduces product use, improves time efficiency and causes minimal skin irritation

When waxing feet and toes,  we use increased pressure and a slower almost peeling off type movement when removing the strips to ensure the hairs stay secured in the wax. Hair can be stubborn to remove in this area due to decreased circulation. 

One of the common complaints we hear about waxing legs is the time and energy it can take.

On the back of the legs the hair is notorious for growing at multiple angles. For best removal results without breakage, we follow hair grow direction as much as possible. Just like the front of the legs we work on both sides simultaneously, mapping out multiple strips with space in between.

Once the first set of strips is removed we go back to overlap the center space in between the prior sections.

Coral wax truly makes waxing larger areas more enjoyable because this wax never brittle or breaks no matter how long it sets. Because of this , we can lay large strips, covering extensive surface area, without ever feeling Time urgency to remove. 

We also love working with this wax because it is super gentle on the skin. It’s low temperature melting point keeps the skin from being overheated which minimizes reactions. You can see our model's skin isn't showing any signs of irritation despite having gone over areas more than once. 

No matter the area being waxed, when creating application strips we strive to maintain wax control, evenly dispense wax with a firm pressure and ensure the strip has well defined edges that allow for clean removal. 

There are many ways to approach leg waxing but once you find a mapping pattern that works for you and a wax that is enjoyable to work with, you will experience a new found sense of satisfaction when providing this service. 

We would love to hear your thoughts about leg waxing in the comments!