Wax Bare LLC

"KNOW YOUR WAX" Professional Training Seminar via ZOOM


Via a 90 min ZOOM SEMINAR

Date: 5/1/2021

Time: 12:00 PM PST

A true professional has a well-developed skill set AND a refined knowledge of their products and tools. Having both knowledge and skill will not only make you a well-rounded professional, it will allow you to provide expert level service to your clients and help you to standout as an experienced leader in your craft.

This class is designed for all skill levels. It will expand your knowledge of wax products and refine your skill level by helping you to better understand your wax and how to use it more effectively and efficiently.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of proper TEMPERATURE. Not just the wax, but the room and body temperature too.
  • Common wax Ingredients and their functions within the wax.
  • Waxing contraindications and precautions.
  • Common mistakes poorly trained and inexperienced waxers make and how to trouble shoot.
  • Proper before and aftercare:  why we recommend it and how it reduces the chances of post wax irritation of ingrown grown hairs.

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