Wax and Hard Wax are two commonly used wax types for professional hair removal. Both wax types have distinct characteristics that come with individual benefits and challenges. In recent years, there have been many advancements in wax ingredient technology, allowing Waxbare to create a new age of innovative and versatile high performance waxes. 

Maybe you are new to waxing and are just beginning your search or you have been waxing for some time, but aren't completely satisfied with what you currently use. With so many wax types on the market today, how do you decide what is best to use?

Soft Wax Benefits:

Soft wax is recommended for larger areas such as the legs, chest or back. Soft wax can be removed immediately after application with the use of pellon or muslin fabric strips. Soft wax users appreciate the cost effectiveness and time efficiency that comes with being able to apply wax very thin to larger areas at a time.

Common Soft Wax Complaints:

Though soft wax can be time and cost efficient, it has challenges and inconsistencies when it comes to performance on various hair and skin types. Soft wax also has a reputation of leaving sticky residue behind, causing more skin irritation and post wax bumps than when hard wax is used.

Hard Wax Benefits:

Hard wax, also known as strip-less depilatory wax, is typically recommended for smaller, more sensitive areas such as the face or bikini area. It  gained increasing popularity over the years for its ability to cling to hair without damaging or sticking to the skin. Hard wax is simple to apply without the need to use fabric application strips for removal. It typically comes in the form of wax beads or melts making it convenient to refill the wax pot in between services.

Common Hard Wax Complaints:

Though hard wax is a popular choice among many users, there are some challenges to consider. Poor quality hard wax has a tendency to get brittle and break when applied too thin or left on skin too long before removing. Additionally, most hard waxes require a thicker application and aren’t designed with the flexibility that allows for larger application strips. 

Waxbare waxes are not your typical hard waxes. With unmatchable flexibility and hair grasping capabilities, our products work effectively and efficiently at removing all hair types and are designed to lay strips for both large and small body areas.