Welcome to the heart of waxing excellence – WAXBARE, a passion project founded in 2014 by Vanessa Wood. Driven by the demand for superior wax options, we crafted our first wax in 2016, collaborating closely with one of the world's foremost wax manufacturers. Today, WAXBARE stands tall as a leading and trusted wax brand, making waves in all 50 states.

What sets us apart? It's our commitment to cutting-edge ingredient technology, ensuring that every WAXBARE product delivers unparalleled quality and functionality. Rigorously tested through international standards, our waxes promise optimal performance, giving you the confidence to create flawless results.

But WAXBARE is more than just wax – it's a dedication to your success. Education and your experience matter deeply to us. Beyond offering top-notch products, we prioritize affordability, convenience, and a professional experience that exceeds expectations. We envision a future where beauty professionals are not just skilled but also empowered for success in their craft and business.

Choose WAXBARE for a journey beyond waxing – where innovation, education, and your satisfaction converge. Elevate your artistry with a brand that's not just trusted; it's transformative.


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