Eyebrow Mapping ART Class


Join us in Sacramento, CA  for our Eyebrow Mapping Art Class on October 7, 2024 at 10:00 am! Led by Vanessa, the expert behind Waxbare, this 4 hours journey is designed to elevate your eyebrow mapping skills.

For those seeking an extra layer of insight and personal attention, indulge in our VIP experience for an additional hour plus an exclusive Q&A session. 

Unleash your creativity, overcome challenges, and forge connections with fellow waxers in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Reserve your seat now and unlock the potential of your artistry!

***Our class focuses solely on mapping techniques and does not cover waxing procedures. While we recommend this class for experienced waxers who wish to enhance their mapping skills, it's open to all.

10:00 AM: Doors Open Kickstart your day with a warm welcome and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee or tea while mingling with fellow enthusiasts.

10:30 AM: Theory and Hands-On Session Discover the art of eyebrow transformation as we delve into the intricacies of shaping brows to perfection. Learn how subtle adjustments can create dramatic results, tailored precisely to your clients' desires.

12:30 PM: Lunch Break Indulge in a delicious lunch and recharge for the afternoon ahead.

1:15 PM: Advanced Techniques and Hands-On Practice Take your skills to the next level with advanced mapping techniques, including mapping string. Get hands-on experience and unleash your creativity as you perfect your craft.

Contest and Gift Bag Giveaway Put your newfound skills to the test in our exciting contest for a chance to win a fabulous gift bag filled with beauty essentials.

2:30 PM: VIP Sign-Ups Ready to take your skills to the next level? Sign up for our VIP package and experience an additional hour of personalized practice designed to hone your expertise and boost your confidence. Benefit from exclusive one-on-one guidance and indulge in a comprehensive Q&A session where no topic is off-limits.

    Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to refine your artistry and connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive environment. Reserve your spot now to avoid disappointment!

    *** Details will come in an email.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great experience! Very helpful!

    This was an amazing brow mapping class very hands on. They made sure to go at your pace so nothing felt rushed or overwhelming. Such nice amazing ladies! Definitely recommend if needing more experience and knowledge for brows.

    Brow Mapping Class

    This class was so great!! It was nice to meet everyone and get to ask questions. It helped give updated information to apply to brow waxing. Today, I used the brow products on my clients and loved them!

    Danyella Nebreda
    Brow Mapping Class

    This class was so amazing and I loved being hands. It helped me learn a lot about how to give people the perfect brows! Vanessa and her crew were just overall incredible.

    Very hands on!

    As a seasoned esti of 16 years, I loved this refresher of a class! It was very involved and hands on right from the start of class. You get to be in a room with other people in the industry so it’s a great class to help build community as well. Vanessa and her assistants were wonderful and very knowledgeable! I definitely recommend!

    An amazing experience!

    If you are looking for an in depth and hands on training on brow mapping, this is the class for you! Vanessa gave an in detailed presentation on not only how to map brows, but also everything that comes along with it. We were given a kit, live practice, and a whole bunch of knowledge!