Coconut Hard Wax Beads - 1lb

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WaxBare Coconut Hard Wax - a revolutionary, synthetic polymer-based depilatory wax that harnesses cutting-edge technology for gentle and hypoallergenic hair removal. Crafted to effectively remove coarse hair from sensitive areas such as the bikini line, underarms, and face, this innovative wax sets a new standard in depilation.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Technology: Our Coconut Hard Wax represents the pinnacle of depilatory innovation. As a fully synthetic polymer-based wax, it incorporates the latest technology to deliver a gentle yet highly effective hair removal experience.

  • Gentle on Sensitive Areas: Specifically designed for sensitive areas, including the bikini line, underarms, and face, this wax provides a meticulous hair removal solution. It bonds swiftly to hair, not skin, minimizing discomfort and reducing redness compared to traditional waxes.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Heat to Precision: Heat the desired amount of wax beads to an optimal temperature of 130-135 degrees Fahrenheit using a wax heater. Prior to application, always perform a temperature test to ensure safety.

  2. Application Mastery: Apply a thin layer of wax onto the targeted area in the direction of hair growth. Allow the wax to cool thoroughly.

  3. Effortless Removal: Once cooled, remove the wax with a confident, firm action against the direction of hair growth.

Cautionary Notes:

  • Handle with Care: The wax will be hot, so exercise caution to prevent burns. External use only.

  • Safety First: Avoid eye contact and keep the product out of reach of children. Individuals with diabetes or circulatory issues should refrain from using this product.

  • Precautions for Use: Do not apply the wax over varicose veins, moles, or warts. Refrain from use on irritated, chapped, sunburned, or cut skin. Not recommended for those with an adverse reaction to colophonium.

  • Sensitivity Test: Prior to full application, test a small area for sensitivity.



-Cera Microcrystallina

-Ethylene/VA Calopymer


-Paraffinum Liquidum



 Note: We are currently in the process of rebranding and as a result, the packaging of our products may appear different than what is shown in the pictures. However, please be assured that the product itself remains the same.


Customer Reviews

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The gentleness of product on my skin.


I love everything this company does!

Victoria Finney
Best wax ever

I’ve been using this wax for at least two years and it’s fabulous! 10/10 recommend. My two faves are coconut and gold. Also love supporting local estheticians!


Love this product. Easy to use and smells good!